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March 4, 2010

Rapid City is the second largest city in the state of South Dakota (SD). The city lies against the dramatic backdrop of the Black Hills mountain range. It is bifurcated into two distinct regions, the east and the west, by a mountain range that runs through the city. The real estate scenario in Rapid City has witnessed booming times in recent years. People looking for homes in SD are making a beeline for Rapid City homes. Their reasons are not hard to fathom: a well-developed transportation system; the presence of some renowned educational institutions; and sterling health care facilities, Rapid City being a critical medical care hub for a region encompassing five states. The city also flaunts an eclectic arts and cultural milieu, making it a real estate destination of choice for the arty folks. The education levels are high here and the per capita income here is wealthy as compared to the rest of South Dakota and in the upper middle bracket as compared to the rest of the nation. This makes Rapid City also a city of urban sophisticates.

When you are looking for Rapid City homes, you will be spellbound by the choices on offer. There are a host of new and foreclosed homes thronging the market, and you will be sure to find one that would suit your taste, preference, lifestyle, and wallet. There are splendid town homes that are spacious and fitted with all conceivable forms of comforts and luxuries; cozy single family homes and large multi-family dwellings that command sweeping views of the natural environs around; and beautiful well laid-out bungalows. When it comes to mobile homes, Rapid City has one in every shape.

These real estate gems are strewn around some of the most popular real estate neighborhoods of Rapid City: City Center, Elm Avenue, Cambell Street, Lacrosse Street, Gossage Memorial, Box Elder, and Mount Rushmore Road. You will find some good budget options here. The median price of a house here starts from USD 87, 908 and may go up to around USD 150, 000.

For those who would be willing to shell out more money for a slice of real estate exclusivity, there are pricier options at Sheridan Lake Road, Hill City, Colonial Pine Hills, Schaeferville, and Jackson Boulevard. The median price of a house here starts from around USD 194, 000 and runs up to USD 281, 000. But the higher price tags do not come for nothing. Rapid City homes here spell the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Many real estate agents operate in the Rapid City area of South Dakota. They are capable, experienced, and know the real estate market well. If you are looking for Rapid City homes, get in touch with one and let him comb the area, sift through the many enchanting and exciting Black Hills homes to zero in on one that would be perfect for you.


As a result of the economic meltdown that was witnessed by the country, most homebuyers are being cautious with their purchase of homes and seem to be focusing their search on factors and places that can help them be on the top of their game.  Homebuyers are being smart by concentrating on mid sized towns, comparing prices to make sure they get the best value for their money.  They are doing this by buying homes that are not only built to last but can fetch them rich dividends if they wish to sell their home in the future.  This is where places such as Gillette, Wyoming and Rapid City, South Dakota, both situated in the Black Hills, are scoring better than several other popular cities where the cost of living is comparably higher and costs of homes are at sky-high prices.

The mid sized towns and cities in the Black Hills have become hot spots as there is plenty of land available to build new homes, the region has a low population, the employment situation is fairly constant, and the success of the smaller businesses that are flourishing at present.

The Black Hills are an extension of the Rocky Mountains stretching across states such as Wyoming and South Dakota.  The Black Hills is home to some of the oldest and tallest trees and the country and is often referred to as the “island of trees in the sea of grass”.  The economy of the Black Hills consists of mining of gold, coal and specialty minerals as well as ranching along with the manufacturing of cement, indigenous jewelry, tourism, and guns and ammunition.

Some of the reasons why real estate in the Black Hills has managed to hold strong despite the recession is a low population, great climate, a strong agrarian economy, breathtaking landscapes offered by the mountains, stable employment opportunities, and a high standard of living for a relatively low cost.  It is no wonder then that the real estate in the Black Hills and homes for sale in the Black Hills are currently finding many takers.

With the availability of good schools, and beautiful community amidst a great landscape, you are sure to get much more than what you pay for when buying your dream home in the Black Hills.  In addition, there is an infinite amount of land available to make your dream of building a customized home in the Black Hills a possibility.

This region offers countless options to home buyers in terms of size as well as the layout of the homes for sale in the Black Hills.  It can be a single storied home or a ranch style home or a duplex or even a tri level house.  There is a home in the Black Hills to suit every individual.

The Black Hills of South Dakota USA is a wonderful choice for a real estate investment. The diversified culture of this place has also made it a hot tourism spot.  The area is gifted with famous natural beauties like Mount Rushmore, Mammoth Site Research facility, horse sanctuary, and Custer State Park.

The sought after neighborhoods of the Black Hills are Heritage Hills, Creston, Eastown, Garfield Park, and West Grand.  Real estate in the Black Hills has seen a decrease in price in many neighborhoods when compared to this time last year.  The average listing price is as high as $155,653 in Heritage Hill, which is a decrease of 1.8%.  On the other hand the average listing price of the Garfield Park is affordably $64,858, which is a decrease of 1%.

The median price for Black Hills homes during the year-end has been around $61,040. This year’s median sales price saw a decline by almost 22% when compared to last year. Presently 10 Black Hill homes and 13 foreclosures are available for sale.  There are 13 recently sold homes and the sales have increased by 40% from last year.

The educational system in the Black Hills is noteworthy.  There are 18 Forest Hills Public schools and 81 Grand Rapids District Public Schools.  The transport system of the city is well distributed.  There are numerous buses operating around the city.  The Black Hills is a fast growing region with amicable localities and vast open spaces flaunting breathtaking natural décor.  The several recreational options like hot springs and nature parks make it a favored place to live.

Rapid City is the second largest city in the state of South Dakota. It is set against the eastern slope of the Black Hills mountain range and it is known as the “Gateway to the Black Hills” and the “Star of the West”.

Rapid City is one premiere places to live in South Dakota. The mobile homes in Rapid City are showing a positive trend in terms of sale. Mobile homes are basically prefabricated homes that are built in factories, rather than on site. These homes are usually transported by tractor trailers over public roads to sites which are often in rural areas or high density developments.

These mobile homes are available for sale on various websites and real estate agents also can help you with selection. The prices of mobile homes are cheaper in comparison to the homes that are available for sale. Rapid City is an ideal place for people who prefer a place that is calm and peaceful for living. The Black Hills is a popular tourist destination and this has helped the city to grow at a rapid pace. The city is also well connected by road, rail and air making it a booming place in real estate. More and more people are coming here and staying!

The mobile homes have become popular as these are more affordable and have become an alternative for people with a tight budget. People who are really interested in buying mobile homes can get in touch with property agents in Rapid City, SD.

The Black Hills are located in the state of South Dakota. The range originates from the Great Plains of North America and is located on the western frontiers of South Dakota and stretches into the neighboring state of Wyoming. The Black Hills are often referred to as the, “island of trees in a sea of grass.” They are often described as a ‘geological anomaly’ and are surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest.

The landscapes of the Black Hills are home to six national parks that provide great bird watching, wildlife, waterfalls and fishing. This is one of the many reasons why people who prefer to settle amid the serenity of such a place often choose The Black Hills as their home.

The economy of the region was largely based on natural resources, with mining and timber being the two most important trades.  However, the topography of the region and the climate has enabled a steady rise for a thriving tourism industry. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in and around the Black Hills of South Dakota include Custer State Park, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Mount Rushmore.

The most familiar city in the Black Hills region is Rapid City. It is home to an urban population of 125,000 with another 70,000 people inhabiting different parts of its suburban areas. Other important areas in the Black Hills region that are also popular real estate neighborhoods include Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood, Newell, Belle Fourche, Sundance and Beulah Wyoming.

The average listing price for a home in Black Hills is $309,958. The most popular zip codes in the area include 57702, 57719, 57745, 57701 and 57703. Of these, zip code 57702 is the most expensive in terms of the prices of new homes in Black Hills as the prices of the properties have touched upwards of $350,271. Next in line comes the area under the zip code 57745 where homes for sale in Black Hills come at an average price of $331,815. New homes in Black Hills, South Dakota have the potential to be a great investment opportunity for people who are interested in buying a property and settling down in the city. Also the market appears to be promising for people who want to invest in property and then lease it out as vacation rentals.

As with all the real estate markets in the country, the one in Black Hills also had to face the brunt of the economic downturn. Things are slowly but steadily coming back on track and the market seems to be poised for recovery.

The Black Hills of South Dakota have many different reasons to live around them.  There are six national parks, 101 miles of National Scenic Byways, and multiple Old West landmarks around the Black Hills.  The six national parks that are located in the Black Hills are Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Badlands National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, Jewel Cave National Monument, Wind Cave National Park, and Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.  The Old West landmarks located around the Black Hills include Deadwoodshopping, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and Wounded Knee.

With all of the great nationally acclaimed areas around the Black Hills, it is a great place to live.  Mount Rushmore National Monument was completed in 1941.  The four presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, heads are each as a tall as a six-story building.  This monument is located 23 miles southwest of Rapid City.  Three million visitors from around the country and around the world make the trip to the Black Hills to visit Mount Rushmore National Monument each year.

With all of the visitors to Mount Rushmore National Monument, the real estate market in the Black Hills has not been greatly affected by the recession that has affected many real estate markets across the country.  With a market that has not been greatly affected, now is a great time to purchase a new home in the Black Hills. A new home in the Black Hills will enable you to enjoy all the different areas without feeling rushed to see everything in a set amount of time.

Rapid City South Dakota is famous for its hills and the proximity to Mount Rushmore. The city is a metropolis that actually manages to maintain a small town atmosphere while accommodating a population of about 72000 people. The real estate market in the city had been a flourishing one before it was hit by the recession blues just like everywhere else in the country.

A look at the condition of the real estate market South Dakota presents a mixed picture. The number of new Rapid City homes for sale on the market last month totaled 96. This was a rise from the figures seen in previous months. In fact, the month before, the number of new listings stood at 78. Therefore, the ratings clearly show that there is a decent influx of new property in the market. This, coupled to the fact that the prices are at 2-3 year lows signals strongly that it is a buyer’s market in Rapid City right now. Young and first time buyers can use this opportunity to get great deals on real estate.

In terms of average price, Rapid City, in the Black hills of South Dakota stood at $175,139 while average days on the market for a property were around 76 days. While the average price showed a bit of a fall from last month as it hovered around the $185,000 mark. However, there has been a definite reduction in the number of days on the market for a property, as it was about 83 days last month. While this may not be saying much, we may actually be seeing significant movement on the real estate front in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Want to invest in South Dakota properties? Don’t worry the solution is here. South Dakota Realtors will provide you with the best homes around South Dakota. You will get your second home amidst the nature with mountains, woods and falls all around.  South Dakota is situated in the Midwestern area of United States. The population of the place is around 804,194. South Dakota is divided by Missouri river in two halves. The region is mainly an agricultural place because of its fertile soil.

South Dakota being a region of agricultural importance provides soothing scenic beauty especially in places like Spearfish canyon and Mount Rushmore. If you want to stay away from the noisy and busy city life this is the place which will make you feel like you are in heaven. Considered to be one of the perfect relocation spot it also provides all the amenities like other big cities.

South Dakota is basically meant for those who want to live in homely and friendly atmosphere. Investment in homes in South Dakota Real Estate is worth every penny. South Dakota properties are cheaper if compared to the other parts of the country. The best deal in United States is South Dakota Realty.  One of the most important industries of South Dakota is tourism. The cheaper price of the homes in South Dakota will surely appreciate its real estate sector. Get in touch with South Dakota Realtors for the best deals.

The state of South Dakota with its capital city Pierre is one of the areas in the United States where the real estate market is still holding strong despite last year’s economic meltdown and realty bust. A favorable climate, supportive regional government, relatively low population of 781,919 for a considerably big state, scenic vistas, strong agricultural economy, job opportunities and a low cost of living are some of the reasons why it remains a preferred destination among individuals and families alike, looking to relocate, buy or rent South Dakota homes or invest in land or real estate properties in South Dakota.

Apart from these the state of South Dakota also offers other amenities for leisure and recreational opportunities such as restaurants, museums, fine arts, pulsating night life. It is home to renowned sculptures such as the Mount Rushmore and The Crazy Horse Memorial, other cultural and historical landmarks such as the Deadwood area that has preserved the charms of the pioneer spirit of the old west. The state also offers great out door activities in the form of the Caves in the Black hills national forest that is home to many paleontological and archaeological sites, the Badlands National Park, camping, biking, mountain climbing, sailing, fishing and canoeing.

All of these acts as magnets and draws in hordes of tourists and home buyers in to the state. Rapid City, the second largest city of South Dakota with a population of 59,607 is nested in the black hills mountain region and enjoys a climate unlike that of the higher elevation with arid summers, dry winters that are long and a short spring and autumn. It offers good opportunities for home buyers with a low cost for living compared to income and median home prices. The median price at present is $ 37,300.

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